So hi. My names Cavan (cav-un) and yes it is a different name but I like it, it makes me unique. Cavan is also a county in Ireland but I’m pretty sure I wasnt named after it. I live in Marlow in England and I was born in London. I am 14 years old so I go to school, I like art, history and geography. I’m starting this blog because I just want to start a new hobby and try something new.

Things I like are ice cream, YouTube, sleeping and taking photos even though I have a really bad camera. Things I don’t like are noisy eaters, forced conversations and generally rude people. I’m kinda one of those people that will pick up on any fault that somebody has.

So that is some stuff about me I hoped you liked my first post if you didn’t I don’t blame you but please comment and questions about me you want to know and comment what I could do to improve this blog.